Normally, this time of year you would be able to find me (or not) walking among the tens of thousands of people who descend on Las Vegas for what we’ve all come affectionally refer to as “Hacker Summer Camp”. Each year I volunteer to help with a mini-conference that takes place within the Defcon conference itself named Skytalks. Given the nature of the talks given at Skytalks, we have a standing “no recording devices of any kind, ever” policy. This year the organizers of Defcon decided to put on the conference 100% virtually — which is basically a non-starter for Skytalks. Late Thursday night I was talking with some friends on the Defcon discord server and thought, hell – I should have a defcon stream this weekend since I won’t be spinning any parties this year! Chatted with the Skytalks team a bit and decided to make it a Skytalks event in lieu of our annual parties. I put this set together with no planning and a half setup streaming studio (no lights yet – so it was dark and mysterious, perfect for Defcon!)


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