First, check out this trailer for “Underplayed”

Now, let’s talk about this.

As someone who has been involved in the music industry on varying levels for more than 20 years locally and regionally I’ve seen firsthand just how rampant sexism, racism, and misogyny are in this business. My wife worked behind the scenes as a promoter, event producer, and talent buyer with some of the best venues Denver has to offer and still, to this day I cringe when she talks about the things she’s accomplished and that she’s proud of in her life and people shrug it off or make jokes about it. This is a very real issue that plagues this industry and I’m glad to see it being exposed. I can’t wait to watch this documentary because both it’s contents and because some of my all-time favorite producers speak out about their own struggles (Alison Wonderland, Rezz, and Tokimonsta).

This industry has a big problem with how it treats both women and people of color and the lasting effect it has on people that I know and care about is one of the reasons that I stepped back from the industry years ago! When I decided to start making music again and putting myself out there it was because I saw people in the EDM community specifically going out of their way to build up their peers instead of tearing them down. I saw females and people of color breaking out in this scene and it was a breath of fresh air. Music is the one thing that get’s people through some of their darkest times and we can’t afford to tear people down when they put their art and their talent out there. <3

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