Press Kit


There’s a glimmer of the golden age of trance shining through in the music of Z3npi. The Denver DJ and producer boasts a career in music tracing back to the genre’s heyday. But at this point in his journey, he refuses to let the past define him. 

Emerging from the shadows of 2020 with a celebrated DJ set at world-famous hacking convention Defcon, Z3npi has formed an authentic connection with the youngest generation of trance fans. Songs like “Awakening” and “Rise” have proven himself a capable producer as well. After catching the attention of key tastemakers in trance, his music has landed on labels like MaRLo’s Reaching Altitude garnering support from the likes of Andrew Rayal, Xijaro & Pitch, and DJ Xquizit,

Z3npi draws upon his extensive history as a hard rock instrumentalist to write songs with a warmth uncommon to modern-day dance music. Each haunting yet euphoric melody tells a story. Listen closely enough and you can almost see the journey leading up to his exciting rebirth. He invites his fans to come along wherever his path may lead, trusting in music’s power to bring people of all walks together as one. 

With each new milestone, the Z3npi story continues to unfold into the next great trance epic of our time. Follow along on his journey to see what the future may hold.


Sound System:

  • (2) Booth Monitors
  • Professional FoH Sound System with Subwoofers

House provided mixer should be at least:

  • (3) Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS2 or CDJ-3000
  • (1) Pioneer DJM-900 NXS2 Mixer

If no house Mixer is available, promoter to ensure the venue has:

  • (2) DI Boxes or XLR Inputs to Mixing Console


  • Video Projection with Screen or LED Screen with HDMI Input
  • Dancefloor Lighting System 


  • (2) 120VAC Outlets within 10′ of Booth

If Z3NPI will be streaming from your location:

  • (1) Wired 1Gb Ethernet Connection within 10′ of Booth
  • (1-2) Booth Monitors
  • (2) Mains and an Amp or Mixing Console
  • (2) 120VAC Outlets within 10′ of Booth/Stage
  • Green Screen and/or Video Projection/LED Screen with HDMI inputs
  • Appropriate studio lighting