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Z3Npi is the culmination of over 2 decades of writing, recording, and performing electronic music from many genres. Originally known as dj:devoid, Chris Schmidt has spent over half his life creating music and is bringing to bear the experience he’s gained to a new project. With Z3Npi, the concept is clear:

“Music is the glue that holds us togethers, it can heal our hearts and minds in ways that nothing else can”.

Collaboration is an important aspect of the Z3Npi sound, so you can expect a wide variety of featured artists in his catalog. More than anything music is best when it’s combined with performances that accentuate the sounds – Z3Npi delivers not just a unique recorded sound but performances that take the music to the next level.

When Z3NPI plays live you can expect a high energy mix of uplifting vocal and hard trance featuring producers like Andrew Rayal, Sean Tyas, TRIODE, Xijaro & Pitch, and ReOrder alongside powerful vocalists like Linney, Haliene, and Christina Novelli. We bring a mix of well known hard hitting bangers, originals, and special remixes and edits to make every performance unique.


Sound System:

  • (2) Booth Monitors
  • Professional FoH Sound System with Subwoofers

House provided mixer should be at least:

  • (3) Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS2 or CDJ-3000
  • (1) Pioneer DJM-900 NXS2 Mixer

If no house Mixer is available, promoter to ensure the venue has:

  • (2) DI Boxes or XLR Inputs to Mixing Console


  • Video Projection with Screen or LED Screen with HDMI Input
  • Dancefloor Lighting System 


  • (2) 120VAC Outlets within 10' of Booth

If Z3NPI will be streaming from your location:

  • (1) Wired 1Gb Ethernet Connection within 10' of Booth
  • (1-2) Booth Monitors
  • (2) Mains and an Amp or Mixing Console
  • (2) 120VAC Outlets within 10' of Booth/Stage
  • Green Screen and/or Video Projection/LED Screen with HDMI inputs
  • Appropriate studio lighting

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